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Acknowledgement of Charitable Contribution

If you make any single charitable contribution of USD 250 or more and want to claim that contribution as a tax deduction on a United States tax return, the IRS requires you to obtain a written acknowledgement that you received no goods or services in exchange for your contribution.

A computer generated acknowledgement is acceptble to the IRS. If you would like one, you may also obtain an acknowledgement, even if your donation was less than USD 250, or if you are in another country than the United States.

Note: This form is for donations to Lovers in Training™ Worldwide only. For your donations to local Lovers in Training™ groups, you will need to get acknowledgements from them that you received no goods or services in exchange for your contributions.

Enter the amount of your donation, using only numbers and, if necessary, a decimal point (no dollar sign, no commas).


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