Lovers In Training™

Practicing Deeper Love
For God, Others, and Self
With Every Breath

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have meetings?

We call them gatherings.

Where two or more are gathered in my name, I am there with them. Matthew 18:20.

Are there any gatherings near me?

Soon, we'll be developing a list of gatherings. Until then, the best way to attend a gathering is to gather one or two of your friends and create a gathering. Start in your home. If you like it, do it again and invite more people. When it outgrows your home, find a meeting place.

Are you a church?

Legally, yes, but don't expect any hell, fire, and brimstone, or any bingo. Our gatherings more resemble twelve step meetings than they do church services. We focus on living what Jesus said was the most important laws — love for God, others, and self.

Love God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the first great commandment. The second commandment is equally great — Love your neighbor as you love yourself. Matthew 22:37-39.

Do you have any other doctrine?

No. We focus on practicing how to live the most important laws He taught — love for God, others, and self. While we might speak and write about other things, we also recognize that we might be wrong about those other things, they are not part of our doctrine, and there is no requirement to agree with them to be a member.

On these two great commandments hang all the law and the prophets. Matthew 22:40.

When Jesus said to love your neighbor as yourself, did He really mean to love yourself, too?

If you loved yourself very little, or even hated yourself, loving your neighbor as you loved yourself would mean that you loved your neighbor very little, or even hated your neighbor. On the other hand, as you love yourself more, you love your neighbor more. His message, obviously, was for us to have more love.

Are you a twelve step group?

No. We have our own rituals. They are not based upon the twelve steps. We do, however, share some customs of twelve step groups, such as peer leadership and anomymity.

Are you an anonymous group?

Yes. At gatherings, in publications, and in the media, our members, guests, and facilitators are referred to by their first names only, and often with the term brother or sister. Sometimes, last initials are also used at gatherings to distinguish two people with the same first name.

For certain legal things, such as a congregation's bank account, people need to use their full names. Members may take stewardship roles to be of service, not for glory. Loving service is its own reward.

Do you use the higher power concept?

No. This is a place where we differ from twelve step groups. One of our key points of focus is loving God.

Do you have ministers?

Whoever is speaking to a gathering is ministering. When members live love in their daily lives, they are ministering by example.

For certain official functions, groups can designate members to serve as ministers, but, within the group, we are all equals. We often refer to each other as brothers and sisters.

Are you Quakers?

No, but the way we are organized and conduct our affairs is similar, in many ways, to the Society of Friends (who are often referred to as Quakers).

Do I need to be a member to attend a gathering?

At this point, all our gatherings are open to all who come in love. At some point, we might develop special gatherings for members, group leaders, couples, etc. If we do that, any such restrictions will be made clear.

I am a member of another church. May I still join Lovers in Training™?

Yes. If you believe in love, for God, others, and self, as more important than anything else, you are welcome.

Can people whose religions or lifestyles are not mainstream join Lovers in Training™?

Yes. They are our neighbors, too. Our commandment is to love them as ourselves. If we think something about them bothers us, we have a process for healing that in us, so that we can live love in their presence. We are grateful to all who show us where we need to heal ourselves.

Our church would like to have a Lovers in Training™ group. Is that possible?

Yes. Local Lovers in Training™ groups can organize however they choose. If they choose to operate under the umbrella of a church, that's fine.

Are all your members totally loving to everybody who comes to a gathering?

We are committed to practicing living love. We do not always get it right yet. If somebody treats you less than loving, and you think that bothers you, you will have an opportunity for healing what that brings up in you.

Are their any membership dues?

No. We do not even keep a membership list. You are a member by making and living the Membership Commitment.

How do you get your funding?

All our funding comes from your generous donations, which we accept gratefully, but do not solicit. When you get fundraising requests from other charities, please think of us.

Where does the money go?

Each local Lovers in Training™ group is its own organization and manages its own finances however it chooses. Lovers in Training™ Worldwide uses its money to do its work of helping local groups get established and continue.

Do you have any Lovers in Training™ books, hats, tee shirts, etc. for sale?

No, nor do we plan to. Our book is free. Selling things is not part of our mission.

However, people like things with our messages. So, soon, we will make our logo and other intellectual property quite widely available for entrepreneurs to make and sell such things. After that, we will have a list of links to them on the website.

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