Lovers In Training™

Practicing Deeper Love
For God, Others, and Self
With Every Breath

Lovers in Training™ Gatherings

Where two or more are gathered in my name, I am there with them. —Matthew 18:20.

When and for How Long

There are three types of Lovers in Training™ gatherings, weekly, special, and extended. Weekly gatherings typically happen the same time and place every week (with exceptions such as holidays, snow days, or a nearby special gathering). Weekly gatherings are designed to last 55-60 minutes.

Special gatherings do not repeat at the same time and place every week, but can still fit the 55-60 minute format. Extended gatherings are longer special gatherings, such as weekend retreats. They can last for several hours or, in the case of a holiday retreat, several days. Long extended gatherings are usually broken up into smaller sessions.


Soon we will post gathering locations on our website. Until then, the best way to attend a gathering is to gather one or two of your friends and create ome. If you like it, do it again and gather more people. Let your gatherings grow.

What Happens

So far, we have three gathering formats:

Breathing Love Gatherings

The primary focus of Breathing Love Gatherings is to practice consciously inhaling love with every in breath, and consciously exhaling anything less than love with every out breath. This format is more meditative than the other two. More ...

Healing the Me I See in You Gatherings

The primary focus of Healing the Me I See in You™ Gatherings is to practice healing ourselves when we think something about somebody else is bothering us. This helps us to hold more love toward our neighbors. This format is more focused on emotional healing than the other two. More ...

Celebration of Love Gatherings

The primary focus of Celebration of Love Gatherings is to celebrate love, for God, others, and ourselves. This format is more like a traditional church service than the other two, but it also contains the Lovers in Training™ ingredients that set it apart. More ...

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