Lovers In Training™

Practicing Deeper Love
For God, Others, and Self
With Every Breath

How You Can Help

You can help right from you are. You can even help from home.


The most important way you can help us is with your prayers. With prayer, all things are possible.

I Will Help!

Do Your Own Healing

Do the process, Healing the Me I See in You™ regularly.

I Will Help!

Share Healing with Your Friends

Teach your friends the process, Healing the Me I See in You™. Get together with them and inspire each other to do it. Invite others to do the same.

Start healing groups, even if it's with just a few friends. Let your groups grow as the healing grows. Some of your best healing will come from sharing healing with others.

I Will Help!

Media Help

Get word out to the media about this work. Even if you think somebody else has already contacted a media source, do it anyway. Get the media to notice this work.

Get interviewed by the media. The only qualification you need is to want to be a better lover — of God, your neighbors, and yourself. You are qualified to do that.

I Will Help!

Graphics and Videos

Any graphics you can do that help spread this work would be appreciated. Videos would be great, too. Get creative.

I Will Help!

Internet Networking

Spread word about this website on blogs, newsgroups, comment sections on stories, directories, and all kinds of other places on the Internet.

I Will Help!

Personal Networking

Tell people to tell people to tell people about this work, the healing that is possible for them, and the love they can live. Old fashioned word of mouth still works great.

I Will Help!


Help us to translate this work into other languages. Please share it with people who speak other languages natively besides English. Encourage them to translate it into their native language or pass it on to somebody who can.

I Will Help!

Nonprofit Legal and Organizational Help

We are a brand new umbrella non profit organization. We expect many local groups in many different countries. Each local group is its own self governing organization. In each country, that means different laws to deal with. Even in the U.S. there are some state laws to deal with.

We will also want to properly register our name, logo, and other intellectual properties, so that people will know, wherever they go, that they are dealing with us and local congregations under our umbrella. At the same time, we also want to make our teachings widely available for reproduction all over the world under licenses similar to the Creative Commons BY-SA License for every country. If you or anybody can help us with any of this kind of thing, we would really appreciate it.

I Will Help!

Pass it On!

This is a brand new site. You are one of the first people to know about it.

Tell your friends about this site, especially the ones who have had difficulties with relationships.

Be sure to tell them about our new free ebook Closeness in Love™. and our new free self help healing process, Healing the Me I See in You™.